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— Facilities Management Procurement Specialist

Maxcene Crowe



Maxcene is an inspiring CEO and Founder of MCFM Global, with over 27 years of solid experience gained through operational, procurement, and strategic facilities management roles.

She helps organisations create an impact through education, sharing knowledge, and implementing strategies and solutions for facilities management and procurement. She holds the Chartered Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (CIWFM) credential and she is the author of Mobilisation Mastery, a book that shares insights and best practices for mobilising supply chains and operational teams across multiple industry sectors such as Retail, Investment banking, commercial real estate world-wide.

Maxcene is known for her strong relationship management skills and the ability to build rapport rapidly with new clients and team members. Passionate, with a ‘can do flexible’ attitude to work and life.

She is also a professional speaker, show host, industry advisor, and mentor, with a passion for collaboration, connecting, and driving positive change that inspires, energises, and enhances the customer experience journey.

— Inspiring Educating and Energising industry


MCFM Global

— Inspiring Educating and Energising industry

MCFM Global


Company that specialises in offering mobilisation, transition, facilities management and procurement consulting, training and development workshops to embed skills into organisations.



Maxcene Crowe excels in facilities management, driving impact through education, knowledge sharing, and innovative strategies.

European Strategic Partner for InMapz X


IWFM Certified Member and IWFM London Region Committee Member




Maxcene Crowe, a respected industry expert, has had the privilege of speaking at IFMA World Workplace and EuroFM conferences. She is also a podcast host of "In the Spotlight" shining a light on Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Innovators and "Consultants Corner" creating better understanding and industry insight, changing the industry narrative between, consultants, contractors and operators.

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In addition to Maxcene's industry achievements, she's also an incredible author, crafting engaging blog posts that delve into valuable industry insights

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